About Canstaff


Canstaff specialise in Construction and Engineering recruitment as well as local and global candidate sourcing. We are trusted around the world to provide a tailored service to provide both candidates and clients with a service that accurately meets your requirements.

Our Business is all about you


Canstaff is now moving into our second decade of International recruitment with offices in New Zealand, Europe, the Philippines and Australia. If you’re moving to New Zealand or Australia from the UK, or an Australian or Kiwi resident looking to work globally we can help. Our candidates find the roles that not only meet their skills and experience, but will help them propel their career ambitions.

Canstaff has gained the reputation for providing quality services. Canstaff is quick and proactive, tenacious and thorough, and is constantly seeking new approaches to ensure our services continue to meet the mark. We work as a team to meet our candidates' needs and are able to find hidden depths and latent talent through our expertise and processes.

Canstaff offers free relocation assistance to migrants that fit the criteria of the “Relocation Assistance Package” (RAP)

Our service begins when our applicants make the first contact, we become a “friend” in New Zealand, to bounce ideas off, check on the legitimacy of things you are being told, and arrange things at this end to ensure a relaxed arrival.

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We are proud to acknowledge that our clients’ specific recruitment requirements are met with precision.

You have worked hard to develop your company culture and we will work with you to protect it. We specialise in helping businesses to find the right people to ensure your money is well spent. We will connect your company with the right staff or your money back!

Canstaff look forward to assisting you with your company's staffing and labour requirements. Our consultants are readily available to discuss in detail your current vacancies, and provide you with a quality, efficient service to fill these places in a timely and effective manner.

Attracting elite candidates that are sought after in this highly competitive marketplace, our consultants employ a rigorous screening process to draw up a list of the most suitable for the role.

Canstaff will work with you to develop a strategic plan that will assist you with forecasting your future staffing requirements.

Company Overview

Canstaff’s UK London office is our latest international office to open as part of a global expansion throughout 2019. After 20 years of recruitment Canstaff’s international presence now extends to New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Philippines, and Switzerland.

London is experiencing a construction boom across all trade and construction sectors and our London office has very quickly been able to connect a network of clients and candidates on major projects. We specialise in trades and professional and technical staff (engineers, quantity surveyors, site managers, forepersons, etc) Our clients have been hiring skilled people across all trades, and the CVs we’ve been receiving from candidates cover an impressive range of career skills from apprentice level through to high level management experience.

Canstaff is now moving into our second decade of international recruitment specialising

in construction and engineering recruitment which also extends to global candidate sourcing. We're able to do this through our international office network plus working with experienced immigration consultants to help skilled candidates successfully relocate, which also assists our clients who then have a stronger candidate selection.

Quality Commitment

Canstaff incorporate Total Quality Management (TQM) as its set of management practices. This approach ensures we constantly meet or exceed our client and applicants expectations.

This ensures we provide and continue to provide our clients with the level of service that they expect. TQM looks at the overall quality measures used by a company including managing quality design and development, quality control and maintenance, quality improvement, and quality assurance.

As a part of TQM our staff are regularly offered on-going training, and development.

A Trusted Brand with a Global Reach

After over a decade of International recruitment the company now has links throughout New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, Europe and the Philippines.

Working closely with global organisations and multinationals, as well as local brands and SMEs, our consultants ensure that:

  • Each of our clients’ specific recruitment requirements are met with precision
  • Our candidates find the roles that not only meet their skills and experience, but will help them propel their career ambitions.

As a global recruiter we are also sensitive to local needs, and we are proud to represent New Zealand, whilst still remaining flexible enough to handle the recruitment needs of smaller businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises. A tailored service complemented by our cutting-edge technology.

Through on-going investment in our staff and technologies, we are able to provide you with a service that accurately meets your requirements.

Our dedicated resourcing and research team includes top tier graduates, all of whom possess up-to-date business intelligence, market knowledge and industry expertise.

Sourcing candidates both locally and globally, our unique model is focused around a variety of search and selection methodologies. Through advertising and networking strategies, sophisticated market mapping and business intelligence techniques, our international network of consultants are able to pinpoint those professionals on our database or in our network who match the criteria of each vacancy.

Attracting the most elite candidates that are sought after in the highly competitive marketplace, our consultants employ a rigorous screening process to draw up a list of the most suitable candidates for each vacancy. This empowers businesses with the best selection of talent and offers our candidates opportunities to help them take the next step in their career.

Health & Safety

Canstaff recognise the paramount importance of Health & Safety across all industry departments today. We have developed a comprehensive health & safety management system – Cancare. Ensuring that your safety is our first priority.

Our programme includes:

  • Our Health & Safety Commitment
  • Hazard identification & Management
  • Accident Investigation
  • Health & Safety Induction
  • Return to Work Programme

All of our staff:

  • Comply with relevant legislation and codes of practice;
  • Hold current Site Safe passes which are validated (where required);
  • Have current licences and endorsements (as required);
  • Prior to starting on site are checked for personal protective equipment. Hard hats, high viz vests, safety glasses and steel toe capped safety boots are provided as required.

Meet the Team

Gary Kurtis Canstaff Consultant

Gary Kurtis


Gary has joined Canstaff to lead the opening of the new London office and was an obvious choice after living and working around London for the last 20 years in recruitment and business development roles.

Prior to opening the new London office Gary worked with a training company within the Canstaff group sourcing and placing skilled tradesmen from Australia and New Zealand in the UK.

London’s construction boom combined with Brexit worker mobility has created an interesting labour market opportunity, and Gary’s local knowledge means he can create new and longstanding partnerships with employees and local employers.

Gary is actively driving Canstaff’s strategy to successfully place local and international skilled candidates with our clients who are running and developing future construction projects.

Dave Wilson Canstaff Consultant

Dave Wilson


Dave was born and bred in the UK and first began working in the aviation industry based at Gatwick airport working with British Caledonian Airways. He then joined the Metropolitan Police Force (London) in 1980 before emigrating to Australia in 1986.

In Australia Dave worked in hospitality as Security Manager before continuing in law enforcement joining the Queensland Police in 1989. In 2000 he left the Queensland Police and worked for Verifact investigations where he managed the Surveillance and Security division of the company and saw the company grow from a team of 7 employees to over 1200 employees and become Australia’s largest investigation company.

Dave entered recruitment after meeting Canstaff Managing Director, Matt Jones and has be the forefront of Canstaff’s global expansion opening the Philippines office and now works to coordinate candidate movement with our clients across various counties where Canstaff have offices.