New Zealand Announces Relocation Package For Irish Truck Drivers

With an estimated shortage of more than 1000 truck drivers in New Zealand, Canstaff have teamed up with Heartland Immigration Services to offer a new relocation package to overseas heavy vehicle drivers from Ireland to fill the skills shortage gap. The collaboration will see processing costs for successful applicants and their families waived and further relocation assistance provided in a bid to attract more international drivers to New Zealand.

Canstaff Managing Director, Matt Jones, operates a number of globally recognised recruitment companies and identified that recruiting overseas drivers was the only way to fill the shortage gap, “We realised how dire the shortage was when we could physically see the number of trucks parked up and out of use due to the lack of drivers. Despite Government initiatives to attract more heavy vehicle drivers, the shortage has been ongoing and a more immediate solution is needed to keep New Zealand’s wheels of commerce turning.”

There are many stumbling blocks which prevent fast access to becoming a fully licenced truck driver in New Zealand. School leavers are looking at least three years to gain the correct licensing which deters young people from pursuing a career in driving. With the average age of a truck driver being 57 years of age, there is no one coming in to replace the aging workforce. The situation has reached a critical stage with employers turning to global recruitment companies like Canstaff to source overseas candidates.

Although the driver shortage is an ongoing struggle for employers, it has opened up some impressive incentives for international candidates, says Jones. “The incentive here for overseas drivers is not only the relaxed Kiwi lifestyle, we can also offer top dollar wages and guaranteed shifts with more available if required. Salaries have increased 20% in recent efforts to attract more people into the industry and we are confident that our relocation package surpasses any other currently on offer.”

Applicants are required to have a class five licence or equivalent to operate a heavy combination truck and trailer unit up to 25,000 kgs GCW, two years experience, and be eligible for a visa. Canstaff will assist with, and submit all necessary paperwork to get successful applicants’ journey to New Zealand underway and add-ons to the relocation packages are available to some candidates. “We basically take all of the stress out the move and arrange everything for our applicants. All they need to do is apply and our specialist staff will guide them every step of the way,” explains Jones.

For more information on relocating to New Zealand, please visit or email [email protected]